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Silence. The Graveyard of Certainty
Silence. The Graveyard of Certainty

Silence: The Graveyard of Certainty. (The shadow of an art piece on a wall), 2024. Jan Creelman (in Chile)

Silence between individuals and cultures does not announce itself out loud. But it deafeningly murmurs regret for remaining generations when genocide is involved. For us to grasp this consequence, silence requires the sweet confinement of our aloneness until we too become vulnerable; for it could be you or me. Then, out of that quiet emerges the memories of souls lost in history through a strangling church or a greedy empire. With the setting sun before you and the rising moon at your back, each show us the way we have come and intimates the path we might take; we can become aware of the changes we can make. It can stop here if we listen to one another.

Silence is ever fluid and not still; a story never fully told, and so we are ultimately never abandoned. But, silence will speak out loud and announce its presence in the quiet graveyard of certainty.