Jan Creelman with Cotton, Wax and Dyes.

("Intersections 9", Batik on paper, 12" x 17", 2017)

Artist's Statement
My purpose is to generate emotions and thinking through the process of resistance. Batik is created with wax and interfering shapes that prevent dyes from penetrating the medium of choice. When dyes spill outside these “resists”, intended and unintended images come to life.

When we resist popular thoughts, labour, emotions, we initially focus upon a desired outcome. In fact, it’s the intangible process that offers us value in growth and life. It is this unexpected energy and promise of a new adventure, which drives me on a daily basis.

The process involves hot wax applied to fabric/paper/wood by various means. The wax seals the medium it encounters, so when dyes are introduced they will only permeate those areas that contain no wax. The new dried, dyed areas are then also waxed to seal the new colour, more dye is added and the process is repeated. The wax is then removed by ironing through newsprint and if necessary, by dry-cleaning. I use Procion MX dyes, well known for their depth and longevity of colour.

The Artist
Born in the Maritimes, in the early sixties, Jan grew up on the East Coast, has lived abroad and traveled all over the world. After acquiring a B.A. in music (piano) and a Master’s in Library and Information Science, she “fell into batik” while observing a friend compose a market scene with wax and dyes. Where ever it is applied, wax prevents dyes from penetrating the fabric; when dye spills outside the waxed area, the fabric comes to life. For Jan, it’s enchanting to work in the negative and have images appear as if from nowhere. That first evening of story-telling through batik shaped her core approach. She avoided straightforward textbook techniques and has developed a vigorous, organic style that is stimulated by the extremes of any experience or event that compels her to step outside her comfort zone. It is the unexpected and the promise of a new adventure that drives her on a daily basis. Her determination to experiment with wax, dye, bleach, and fabric has allowed her to fuse expressionism and abstract modernism, to develop a personal vocabulary that remains essentially dramatic. She is persistent, dedicated and a passionate teacher, explorer, artist and Canadian. Toronto Guardian.

Upcoming and previous shows:

2017: June, Artusiasm, "Summerfest", 1684 St Clair Ave W., Toronto
2016: Nov, Tantra Lounge and Bar, St. Clair at Dufferin, group show, Toronto
Nov 4-5th: Super Wonder Gallery,876 Bloor St West at Ossington.
2016: September, Artisans at Work, juried show, 2071 Danforth Ave
Sept 2016: 20th Anniversary of the juried Headwaters Arts Festival near Caledon, ON.
2016: Neilson Creative Centre juried exhibition, July/August, Toronto.
2016: June: Artisans At Work, Toronto. Juried show.
2016: May Parkway Place Art and Accessories juried Exhibition,
2016: May 6 - June 18th, Summer Exhibition at the Tantra Lounge and Bar, St. Clair at Dufferin, Toronto.
2016: "Awaken", Tantra Lounge and Bar, St. Clair at Dufferin, group show, Toronto
2016: "Shades of White", Tantra Lounge and Bar, St. Clair at Dufferin, group show, Toronto
2016; Toronto Guardian featured artist article.
2016. Tantra Lounge and Grill, St. Clair at Dufferin, group show, Toronto.
2016: RAW Artists Futures group show, Toronto
2015: Featured artist The Batik Guild Magazine, November edition.
2015: Emerging Toronto Artists Show and Awards
2015: Above Ground, Toronto
2011: Sit N'Stay Cafe, Ottawa
Album cover for the band Trip Lewis
2005-2010 private lessons and commissions in batik.
2003: Kilgors Bar, Toronto.
2003: Mitzi’s Sister June 2003 – 15 pieces
2002: One woman show in studio.
2002: Arabic batiks commissioned and completed for local Sufi organizations.
2001: Group show, Gallery 1313, Toronto.
2000: Group show, Beachcomber Gallery, Cook Islands, South Pacific.

Professional and Education Chronicle
Bachelor of Music Education, Acadia University: 1982.
Post Graduate studies of 20thC. and Canadian Music, UWO: 1984
Masters in Library and Information Science, UWO: 1988.
Continuing education courses at Ontario College of Art and Design and the Toronto School of Art.
Fabric dying workshops with G&S Dyes, Toronto.